7 Surefire Ways To Bullyproof Your Child!

Synopsis January 12, 2014

7 Surefire Ways to Bullyproof Your Child by Faisal Khattak is your guide to protecting your child from the ever-increasing epidemic of bullying.

In his seven street-tested steps, Faisal gives you the practical information you need to empower your child, not just from physical bullies, but from the devastation of cyber-bullying through the Internet and social media.

As one of the world’s first certified anti-bullying coaches, Faisal knows first-hand what it is like to both be the target of bullies and how to triumph over bullies.From being brutally bullied when he was five, through his school years and even into young adulthood, Faisal knew the pain of being targeted and tormented. When at last he found the way to triumph over his past, he knew that he had to share the path to freedom.

His easy to understand and apply steps are based on the acronym for VICTORS and through their use, your children will not just avoid becoming victims of bullying, but actually become VICTORS in life.

His seven steps are:


By reframing your children’s view of themselves as victors rather than victims, you create an atmosphere where your children know how to set up healthy boundaries for themselves and others.


Ignoring is an effective technique for children to learn to protect themselves from harm bullies may want to inflict by taking away the bully’s motivation.


Kids are going to use technology. It’s a parent’s role to make them cyber-smart with technology usage contracts and other parental controls.


Secrets make us sick, so having an open and clear channel of communication between you and your child is crucial to find out exactly what’s going on in your child’s life and how you can help them.


The art of assertive communication can greatly reduce bullying and increase your children’s self-esteem and confidence.


A child with healthy self-respect not only respects others, but automatically attracts respect. By teaching your child how to have empathy—not sympathy—you take a critical stand against bullying. 


The last crucial step in helping your child to become bullyproof is self-esteem. Healthy self-esteem and abundance of confidence allows kids to try new things and stand up for their rights.

In addition to his 7 Surefire Ways to Bullyproof Your Child, Faisal has asked his 11-year-old daughter Kebira to add her perspective. Together, their insights provide a unique look at how the steps work in a modern child’s life.

In this ground-breaking book, Faisal provides a voice for all who face social issues like bullying, addictions and sexual abuse. He is determined to make sure no child has to feel helpless and alone because he learned the hard way how important it is to build bridges and repair communication between parents and their children. He now works to helpchildren become noble leaders and positive role models for others around the world.

In 7 Surefire Steps, you will find

  • Clear explanation of what bullying is…and isn’t
  • Cutting-edge research on how bullying in childhood can have lifelong consequences
  • Playful, creative ways to empower your child and build healthy self-esteem
  • Easy and rewarding exercises to do with your child
  • Inspirational quotes and motivational affirmations
  • Communication styles and their impact on your child
  • Practical information on how best to use technology and social media
  • Family Internet and Cell Phone Use Contracts
  • The one communication technique that will ensure you can know what’s really going on in your child’s life
  • Why respect is a fundamental key to changing behavior
  • What genuine self-esteem looks like
  • And most of all, encouragement for both you and your child that bullying can be eliminated once and for all

If you and your child have experienced bullying or if you simply want to make sure that your child will never experience its destructive effects, 7 Surefire Ways to Bullyproof Your Child by Faisal Khattak is an essential resource for every parent.




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Faisal Khattak

Synopsis January 12, 2014