7 Surefire Ways To Bullyproof Your Child!


Thank you and congratulations for taking this invaluable step. My name is Faisal Khattak. In this book you are about to learn 7 Surefire Ways to Bullyproof Your Child. I wrote this book as the starter kit to assist parents whose kids are being bullied or whose kids can potentially be bullied.

There is a general misconception that bullying happens only in school or on the playground. Bullying can not only happen at school or on the playground, but also in the workplace or at home among family members. In reality, bullying is part of day-to-day life and a person of any age can be the target of bullying.

Most of the time all aggressive or mean behavior is labeled as bullying when in reality it’s not the case.

Let’s look at what’s bullying ISN’T!

The following examples aren’t bullying if they occur only once and there is no intention of gaining control over someone.

  • A single occurrence of making fun of someone.
  • Not playing with someone.
  • Accidently bumping into someone.
  • Getting into an argument with someone (not occurring repeatedly or on purpose).
  • Playing with different friends occasionally.
  • Taunting someone.

Bullying is a pattern of conscious, hostile and aggressive behavior intended to hurt or cause discomfort to another individual. Bullies always are superior in power to their victims. This imbalance in power comes from physical size, support from their followers, age and sometimes bullies are just intellectually smarter than others. They use these strengths to exploit others.

There are four basic types of bullying:

1. Physical:IMAG1423

In this type of bullying a person is harmed physically by hitting, punching, kicking or unwelcome touching.



2. Social:

In this form of bullying a person is excluded from a group. Basically the victim is made to feel like they don’t have any friends anymore and they are alone against all the other individuals.


3. Verbal:

In this type of bullying an individual is the target of name-calling and gossiping. They are teased for their gender, color, a unique body characteristic or some other silly unimportant thing.


4. Cyberbullying:

This form of bullying has gained strength for the past few years due to the advancements in technology and availability of phones to kids. Anyone can become a cyberbully since no one can see who is spreading nasty rumors about the targeted individual. 

One thing is for sure, we all want a harmonious world to live for ourselves and our children but looking at what’s going on out there, it’s not going to happen by itself. Here is the thing, we can’t just sit and wait for a miracle to wash away our society’s problems. We are part of society; we created those problems for ourselves. So many of us look around and point fingers at others, afraid to look deep down inside and step up for ourselves. Guess what our young adults learn? Probably the same thing.

Rapid growth in technology also has a down side to it. With so much fakeness and photoshoping in media our younger generation is forced to follow perfectly shaped, emotionally disconnected and flawless role models. Then there are some kids who in order to get attention and prove themselves, push other kids to do things against their will. In this process they don’t even hesitate to hurt them physically or emotionally. How do we make our young adults start believing themselves and become positive role models for others?

My hope is that this book will help to bring out the noble leader in your child and bullyproof them for life.

My journey started many years ago. My first recollection of being bullied was when I was five years old and I continued to be bullied most of my school years. It took me many years and many workshops to become a victor of my circumstances. I eventually started my path to becoming a certified anti-bullying speaker and coach and now The Leadersmith. Just as a blacksmith crafts metal, I guide and transform young adults into noble leaders. Because I know the negative impact of bullying had on my life, I am passionate about bringing out the noble leaders in young adults and stopping bullying globally.

After working with hundreds of children and adults I have learned that the only way to tackle this epidemic is by instilling confidence, boosting self-esteem and bringing out the leader in each and every child. When a child leads with their true self and has compassion for others, bullying and other social problems have a very slim chance to show up.

Before I get into these 7 Surefire Ways, I want you to imagine a scenario where your child was potentially bullied. Picture them standing in front of the bully in a hallway, on the playground or in a school bus. Notice how they react to the bully. What does their face look like? What do they say?  You probably are feeling angry at not being there for your child in those moments. What would it be worth to you if your child knew how to handle the bully no matter what size the bully was?

I have great news for you. 7 Surefire Ways to Bullyproof your Child will give your child and you exactly what they need to stand up to any bully. These ways are based on acronym of the word VICTORS. Anytime your child feels stuck or unable to defend themselves, you can help by simply reviewing these seven easy ways.

That’s why I am so excited to get started. I know you are, too, so without further ado let’s start with the way number one.




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Faisal Khattak

Introduction January 13, 2014